Tuesday, December 23, 2008

TriVita Weight Loss Featured Testimonial

Rose's Trivita Weight Loss Success Story

“I really like the new me!”

Name: Rose

Rose reached for Leanology when she decided to get serious about losing weight

Many women can relate to Rose's weight story. It's called having children and not being able to get the extra weight off.

“After my last child I never returned to my pre-pregnancy weight,” Rose says. “Plus, as I got older, even more weight seemed to stick. I was discouraged, depressed and embarrassed by my increased weight.”

Rose attempted several weight loss programs – with little success. She would lose some weight and then eventually put it all right back on.

“I was frustrated because I didn't have lasting results,” she says. “It seemed hopeless. The very thought of denying myself food actually made me more hungry. I felt totally defeated.”

Her road to success began in January 2007 when she organized a weight loss contest with other members of her family. Rose started out modestly until she bought the Leanology capsules and shakes – and then the pounds really started peeling off.

“Over the next five months, I lost 30 more pounds,” she says, “and I have managed to keep it off ever since.”

Rose also discovered another big difference between Leanology and all those other weight loss programs. With many of them, weight loss from diet and exercise is 78% from fat and 22% from lean body mass. Leanology is clinically proven to burn up to 132% more body fat and actually puts back on 32% lean body mass – the good stuff.

Rose loved the taste of the mixed berry shakes and the convenience of the Leanology capsules. She had more energy to do the things she enjoys – such as walking and bike riding. Rose is also a big believer in TriVita’s 10 Essentials for Health and Wellness – especially drinking water, eating nutritiously and enjoying activity to lose weight, but her favorite life-long pursuit has been #10 – to develop a relationship with God.

She eventually did win the weight loss contest with her family members, but only because she found and started Leanology. According to Rose, “Leanology was an excellent investment in my health, my energy levels and in my emotional outlook on life.”

“I’m truly thankful to the Lord for getting me in the program and helping me lose weight.”

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